Personnel Security

Documented processes and procedures are in place to ensure the workforce is properly and legally identified.


Access Control

Processes, procedures and proper personnel are in place to monitor and ensure only approved personnel and guests are allowed entry and exit to the facility. 


Information Technology Security

Processes and procedures are in place for securing electronic communications and data transmission. Our cloud-based website and backend systems are highly secured and operated by a trusted third party.


Cargo Security

CorporateKey certifies that its facilities are secure. We expect each of our supply chain partners to review and follow the U.S. Government’s published Manufacturer Security Recommendations.



CorporateKey is willing to provide transparency into our operations, policies, processes, relevant records as well as disclose the identity, physical location and ownership of factories that produce goods for Sunrise, including the use of sub-contractors in support of Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) and in support of preferred supplier agreements.