Our mission is to be the leader in the promotional industry by providing INNOVATIVE, QUALITY and SAFE promotional products to ASI and PPAI. 


Founded in 1998, we were recognized by CNN multiple times for our innovation (4-5 minutes live interviews during Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas).  Our company was featured more than 100 times in major publications which include the Wall Street Journal, PC Magazines, the New York Times and many internet sites. We have participated in radio and television interviews.

In a 20-billion dollar industry, we supply promotional products to top brand companies and government agencies. We hold A-rating for supplier on SAGE and 5-star supplier rating on ASI’s premier research tool (ESP).  Because success of our products is based on innovation, quality and safety, we participate in a number of product safety training and quality compliance testing procedures as well as social, safety and environmental audits.  Our factories have participated and passed the Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) audits.  Currently we hold over 100 patents worldwide.