Product Description


The BTR-500 Bluetooth audio receiver turns your old audio device (earphones, speakers, old vehicles with audio in ports) into a wireless Bluetooth ready device.

Examples of use:

-Turn your earbuds/ headphones into Bluetooth wireless earbuds. Perfect for iphone 7 users or other phones without a standard 2.5mm audio jack/earphone port

-Connect the BTR-500 unit to a car and wirelessly connect your phone to stream music and calls to your vehicles speakers*.

-Stream music to your old home stereo system from your phone*.

Simple to use: plug, pair and play


*Requires a 2-way aux connector (optional, contact for quote)


Bluetooth Audio Receiver - Turns Audio Device into Bluetooth-Ready - Great for iphone 7 users

Quantity 100 -199 200 -399 400
Price $7.87 $7.87 $7.87